Jan 04

It bothers me to my core to see the way people treat their bodies these days. While thousands of years of evolution have given us special physical abilities to move, run, climb, push, lift - most people don’t exercise. Most don’t take advantage of these amazing gifts. Most people see exercise as a cumbersome nuisance.

People today eat food that’s processed to the point where it could be classified as poison. Sugar is sweet to taste but is the main reason why there is more and more type-2 diabetes. Or people - young people especially - don’t eat, thinking that they will magically become more attractive or to somehow punish themselves.

This time of year, I am particular pensive. The question that I am going to be focused on this year is: why are we so self-destructive, especially to our own bodies, when we know better? Or, looked at another way: how do we learn to love ourselves again? And by ourselves, I mean: how do we learn to love our bodies again?

Love of anything involves commitment and discipline. Love should never be taken for granted. Just as a person who is disabled or sick longs for ability or health, love is something that we often miss only when it’s not there. What needs to change about the way we live, the way we see ourselves, and the way that we behave to engage with our outward physical presence in the world? Just starting a conversation here…

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