Jan 15

Breakfast today - 4 eggs fried in olive oil + berry smoothie (blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, banana + 2% milk); also had some of my wife’s delectable left-over beef stew. Spent 10 minutes explaining to (lecturing, shall I said) my daughter that she needs to read more. Watched Downton Abbey - an awesome new show, by the way - while I made breakfast for my wife and daughter. Planning 3pm meet-up with Bart at the gym for a work out. 

Jan 05

Aside from my daily 3-mile run, I tried a new exercise today that I saw in Men’s Health - an exercise that was proposed in response to a reader question, “Is there one exercise that will blast my whole body?” It’s called the “death crawl,” and it involves (1) push-up position w/15 lb. weights; (2) push-up w/2 second hold at the bottom & then push yourself back up; (3) dumb-bell rows on each side; (4) walking the dumb bells forward in little steps (remaining in push-up position); (5) moving your feet forward keeping core tense; (6) stand up and three dumb-bell squats. Did that 5x and that was plenty.

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