Dec 08

These past two times I’ve gone running this week, I seem to have a lot more energy than usual - it could be the fact that I’ve returned to the paleo diet & am increasing the protein and decreasing the carbs. On my Tuesday run, I kept a steady pace of 8.5-9.5 mph for 4 miles & then this evening, kept a pace between 8.5-10.5 mph for 4.5 miles, including boosting it up to 12 mph for a sprint at the end. Yesterday was a day off - not that I wanted it, but we literally worked from 8am-10pm so exercise was not a possibility. I did my entire workout this evening in sweats & winter hat. That entire outfit is now in the washing machine. Drank a liter of water as well. Now it’s time to cook some halibut.

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